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NPS Judge Mentoring Scheme

Whilst not everyone involved with ponies will want to or feel that they have the necessary skills to become a Judge, there will be some with the ability and enthusiasm to be, at some time in the future, a Judge for the National Pony Society (NPS).

The integrity of our British Riding Ponies and the nine indigenous Native Breeds lies not only with dedicated breeders, but with the show-ring Judges who will ensure that the accepted standards are maintained and progressed.

With this at the forefront of their minds, the NPS piloted a mentoring scheme for would-be Judges.

Interested members are invited to apply for the scheme and, once accepted, will be paired with a ‘Mentoring Judge’ who will offer support, advice and encouragement. Trainees will accompany their mentor in the ring and at other events expanding their knowledge and gaining valuable ring experience to aid the development of their judging skills and with a view to progressing to the NPS Judges Assessment in the future (please note this does not count towards the M&M Breed Event record card requirement).

The scheme will fall into two categories – Riding Pony and Mountain & Moorland.

When accompanying a mentor Judge, trainees are asked to dress appropriately for the show/event they are attending.

Any observations or remarks made by judges or exhibitors whilst the trainee is accompanying the mentor judge must remain STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

The NPS hopes that those who feel that they may have the ability and commitment required to advance their experience, and who feel they can undertake the responsibility of judging, should download the application form below.