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The National Pony Society formed with the intention of improving and encouraging the breeding of quality riding ponies and experienced and dedicated breeders and owners form the bedrock of its membership.  One of the society’s principal objectives is to promote and share knowledge about the use and management of ponies and to act in an advisory capacity in reported cases of ill treatment of ponies. The pages that follow are intended to provide useful information and links to assist with these aims.

In recent years the NPS has made contributions to the British Horse Society’s national castration scheme, in an effort to discourage indiscriminate breeding and facilitate access to further welfare education. NPS members have had the opportunity to attend BHS welfare training days and the NPS now have a number of trained NPS Welfare Advisors in various parts of the country.

The NPS aims to promote and protect the highest welfare and education standards in all its activities and will continue to ensure these priorities influence all its work.

The National Pony Society recognises that financial stresses as a result of Covid19 and the current cost of living crisis may find some of our members in difficulty caring for their ponies.

Whilst it’s understood that this might be the case only in extreme circumstances it is hoped that any member who finds themselves unable to cope would, in the first instance, contact the NPS who may be able to advise.

The welfare and protection of our ponies is at the heart of the NPS and we are very aware that current international and national issues are causing problems for some.


NPS Welfare & Education Representatives
  • Mrs Angela Kember
  • Welfare Committee Chairman
  • Mrs Madge Taylor
  • Welfare Committee Vice Chairman
  • Mr John Elliott
  • Council Member
  • Miss Lindsey Hewitt
  • Council Member
  • Mrs Sandy Wooderson
  • Council Member
  • Mr Stephen Howard
  • NPS Treasurer
  • Mr Martin Jones
  • NPS Chairman
  • Mrs Sara Hird
  • NPS Vice Chairman
  • Mrs Christine Duke
  • Co-opted Member
  • Mr Paul Davis
  • Co-opted Member
NPS Welfare Officers & Contact Details
NPS AREA 4 Area 4 Advisor Please contact the office for details 01420 88333
NPS AREA 5 Linda Struszczak 07809 219599
NPS AREA 14/15 Melvyn Chadwick & Connor McCormick or 07730 309738 or 07725 807168
NPS AREA 20 Angela Kember 07906 451630
NPS AREA 20 Pauline Reynolds 07889 463128
NPS AREA 28 Lesley Hillard 07443 425845
NPS AREA 29 David Roberts 07507 793825