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The current rule book is sent to all members in their membership pack but can also be downloaded here.
  • RuleBook

Any amendments made after the Rule Book has gone to print will be listed below.

Key Changes for 2024:

The NPS wishes to highlight the following key changes to the 2024 Rule Book:

  • An overhaul of the Complaints and Disciplinary procedure that is found in Section D of the Rulebook.
  • Solid metal curb chains, frequently covered in leather, are not permitted.
  • Hat standards have been updated with all the current acceptable safety standards listed under Rule 3.3 of the Rulebook.
  • Equine influenza vaccination rules have changed slightly. The first 2 vaccinations 21 – 60 days apart, a third booster between 100-180 days, and an annual booster vaccination within 365 days thereafter. These apply to any horse/pony receiving a new primary course after 1st January 2024.
  • If membership has been renewed within 14 days prior to the date of the show and the owner’s membership card has not yet been received in the post, the competitor may show their official renewal conformation letter either as a hard copy or on their mobile phone to the judge in the ring.
  • Riders are not permitted to wear earrings or visible jewellery (including piercings). The Judge will ask the competitor to remove them. This rule is a recommendation for handlers in 2024 and will become mandatory in 2025.
  • The definition of a professional producer, rider and handler has been added to the Home-Produced rules in section 3.6.
  • If a judge has ridden or handled a pony/horse in a championship, the rules on impartiality have been amended to take this into account in section 4.3.
  • The NPS/Cooper Family Junior Ridden National Championship will now run as two sections at the final, split between small and large breeds.
  • The NPS/Rivervalley Stud Open plaited WHP section has been expanded to include working show ponies. Fence heights have been lowered to encourage ponies of both show pony and hunter pony type to take part.
  • The rules on ponies attending silver medal finals at Blair and at Malvern have been updated.
  • The Arena Eventing Finals will now include a Junior section and competitors do not need to be members to qualify but the owner must become a member to compete in the final.