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The National Pony Society AREAS

When you become a Member of The National Pony Society you will automatically be allocated to your Area. You can see which Area you belong to by looking at the Area Map. However, it doesn’t matter which Area you live in or where your pony is kept, you can chose whichever Area you like. If you want to be in a different Area you need to contact the NPS Office and they will put you in that Area.

Each Area is run by a Committee made up of Members of that Area and headed by a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. All NPS Areas must abide by The National Pony Society Constitution. Area Chairmen, plus one other Member, meet all other Area Chairmen on a regular basis to discuss any problems or topics put forward by their Members. These Area Committee meetings can put forward topics to the main NPS Council for discussion.

One of the objectives of the Areas is to work in close co-operation with and to further the interests of The National Pony Society, principally the breeding, registration, improvement, showing and welfare of the British Riding Pony and the Native Breeds. There are many other objectives which are outlined in the Area Constitution.

Most Areas run their own shows and also put on other events like teach-in, lectures, quiz evenings and stud visits. You don’t have to pay to become a Member of an Area but some Areas charge a Membership Fee but this is entirely up to each individual area. Usually this can be offset by lower entry fees to their Area Show.

Many Areas have their own website which can be accessed through the links on the Area Map page of this NPS Website.


The newest of all the Areas is the NPS Dressage Area which runs competitions to encourage both performance and education of the British bred ponies and their riders. Further information & links to their qualifiers can be found within the Competitions section of the website HERE
You can also follow the Dressage Group on Facebook by Clicking Here!.