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This competition was introduced to encourage both performance and education of British bred ponies and their riders. Qualifiers will run from the 1st April 2023 through to 31st April, 2024 and culminate in the

NPS Supreme Dressage Championship Final

to be held at Bury Farm EC, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 9BT
18th May 2024
  • 2023 NPS Supreme Dressage Results
British Dressage Tests Prelim 12 & Novice 24 will be used for all qualifiers.
Each test will consist of the following six sections all of which will have their own Final:-
  • Registered Mountain & Moorland breeds not exceeding 138cm
  • Registered Mountain & Moorland breeds exceeding 138cm
  • Registered British Riding Ponies
  • Part Bred Horses/Ponies registered with their appropriate Native Breed Part Bred Stud Book – including Part Bred Arab ponies over stamped in the British Riding Pony Stud book and ponies registered with the British Sports Pony Stud Book. Please note Part Bred Native ponies and Sports ponies over stamped within the British Riding Pony & Stud Book may only compete in one section per season.
  • Highest placed Mini rider aged under 12 years on 1st January 2023
  • Highest placed Junior rider under 18 years on 1st January 2023
  • The two highest placed ponies in each section at each qualifying show will qualify for the 2024 Final and also be eligible to be chosen to represent their Breed, NPS Area or other team in the Team Challenge which will be incorporated into the 2024 Championship Final.
  • Qualifying rounds are open to competitors from the UK and elsewhere. All qualifiers will receive a qualification card,
    The Final will run in accordance with the 2023/2024 NPS Dressage Rules which will be available to all NPS Members.
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  • Horse/ponies must be ridden at the Final by the qualifying rider.
    The owner or rider must be fully paid up Dressage, Qualifying or Life members of the NPS for 2024 in order to compete at the Final.

At the Final the winners of each section for each Test will be required to perform a 4 minute Freestyle to Music for the judging of the Overall NPS Supreme Dressage titles. Ponies may only compete in this section once even if they have won both their Preliminary & Novice section Finals.

A Team Challenge is incorporated in the 2024 Championship Final. Each Team to comprise four ponies and riders who have qualified for any section of the NPS Supreme Dressage Championships 2023/2024. All four Team Ponies scores to count. Each Pony & Rider combination may only compete for one Team.

There will be both Preliminary & Novice Team Championships.

No show affiliation fee will be charged for 2023/2024 qualifiers.

Requests for qualifiers are welcomed from NPS Areas, Breed/Show Societies, Pony Club Branches , Riding Clubs & Competition Centers in the UK and Europe.

Qualifiers should be run under British Dressage rules wherever possible. All qualifying shows are requested to use BD list Judges if possible.

British Dressage Tests Prelim 13 & Novice 34 to be used for all qualifiers.

Shows are requested to offer all 6 section qualifications but exceptions will be considered for approval by the Dressage Working Group.

Qualifier Application Packs and Information :-

  • Dressage Affiliation Form
  • Dressage Qualifying Show Dates

Contact:- NPS Dressage Working Group Secretary, Mrs. Angela Kember on Tel: 01580 211747 or email her on :-

Please show us on your affiliation form the exact way you would like your event to be displayed in our publications, which will include the NPS website and NPS Dressage Working Group Facebook page.