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NPS/NAF RIHS WHP Qualifier Application 2020

  • July 18, 2019
NPS/NAF RIHS WHP Qualifier Application 2020

The NPS invites shows to apply for the NPS/NAF M&M RIHS WHP qualifiers in 2020.

Shows applying are encouraged to run as many NPS qualifiers as possible, there will be a minimum number required, which will be confirmed when the qualifiers are allocated at the end of October.

Please be aware that the NPS Spring Festival will be running Saturday 25th April 2020 and no other RIHS M&M WHP qualifiers will be allocated on that day.

We ask the following form is completed with all fields filled in and sent back to the office by Friday 13th September 2019, if you wish your show to be considered for these qualifiers. Application Form