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Judge Change for Autumn Festival

  • September 7, 2020
Judge Change for Autumn Festival

Judge Change for the 2020 NPS Autumn Festival
Mrs Evans has been replaced by the following judges:
Ring One – National Indoor Arena
NPS/Derby House M&M and Plaited Amateur Ridden Summer 2021 Qualifier (Classes 7-9) Mr R James
NPS/Dargavel M&M Young Ridden Pony National Championship 2021 Qualifier (Classes 10-12) Mr R James
Ring Three – Top Outdoor Arena
NPS/Leyhills Stud M&M In Hand Winter 2021 Qualifier (Classes 55-56) Mr R James
NPS/Menedh Stud SHP In Hand 2021 Qualifier (Classes 57-58) Mrs J James
NPS/Dowhills Stud SHP In Hand Silver Medal (Championship 18) Mrs J James
Ring Five – WHP Ring
NPS/ Area 5 M&M Intermediate WHP 2021 Qualifier (Classes 106-109) Mr M Sheen (Jump) & Mr R James (Conf)