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Joint Measurement Board Press Release

  • August 7, 2020
Joint Measurement Board Press Release

JMB 2020 Update: Coronavirus, Measurement Information and going forward!

As the UK eases out of lockdown and competitions gradually re-commence, the Joint Measurement Board would like to assure owners, their agents and representatives that we are open for business.

However, as horse and pony measuring is a routine, non-emergency veterinary task, it is vital that you stay alert and politely adhere to social distancing guidelines. These will obviously differ across the devolved nations and, each individual Vets’ Practice will have their own Covid-19 protocol in place.

We recommend that anyone seeking routine measuring information refers to the helpful information on the JMB Website, where you can find all the Rules, details about the measurement procedure, FAQ’s and other comprehensive information.

You are especially advised to visit Appendix 2 where there is a helpful, practical guide to ‘Preparing the Horse or Pony for Measurement’.

Within this is additional advice regarding Covid-19. Before taking your horse or pony to be measured, prepare them for the spooky sight of people wearing face masks and possibly PPE.

Routinely, it is essential that horses and ponies have comfortably gained experience of the measurement process and travel prior to the ‘big day’ of measurement as this simple, practical preparation should ensure that the lowest relaxed height can be obtained.

Some people will choose not to compete in 2020 but have already paid for a measurement. The JMB has agreed to roll any such pre-paid measures over to season 2021.

In addition, given the unprecedented situation in 2020, there will be no increase of measuring fees for 2021.

Owners and Agents are reminded that the JMB, who’s members represent all the relevant Societies and Associations which require horses and ponies to be measured, unanimously agreed in 2018 that RANDOM body-fluid samples (usually blood) may be taken at the time of measurement for routine Annual and Full Measurements, just as at re-measurements and gold certificate measurements.

Long-standing secretaries Howard and Paula Robinson retired at the end of June; day-to-day management is in the capable hands of the JMB’s Chairman, Dr RNW ‘Bertie’ Ellis MRCVS, his secretarial assistant Catryn Bigley and all the members of the Board.

We, the JMB, thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented public health pandemic and welcome enquiries. However trivial it may seem, we are here to help.