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Welfare reminder to members

  • July 16, 2019
Welfare reminder to members


The NPS is becoming increasingly concerned that ponies are being traveled excessive distances on a regular basis in pursuit of qualifiers, it has been noted that the same ponies are being exhibited at shows throughout the length of the country. Members are reminded that this is a welfare issue and are asked to seriously consider limiting the number of shows attended with the same ponies.




The National Pony Society has been asked by their judges to reinforce the message to members that overweight ponies that are exhibited in the show ring will most likely be penalised. The Society endeavours to communicate to the membership that the health of the ponies is paramount and would strongly recommend that owners exhibit their animals carrying the correct condition. If need advice on the condition of your pony, please come along to the ‘weigh in and win’ at the Summer Champs, where the Bailey’s Horse Feeds nutritionists will be on hand to help.




Members are also reminded of the importance of keeping their animals well watered whilst standing on transport or travelling for lengthy periods, as this can cause severe dehydration, particularly in hot weather.