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    The Start

    The Polo Pony Stud Book Society was formed in a large tent in the Royal Agricultural Society’s show yard in Chester in 1893, 20 years later it was renamed the National Pony Society. In 1896, HRH the Prince of Wales became the first in a long line of Royal Patrons. ..


    The First Stud Book

    The most importance task of the society was to establish the Stud Book and in 1894 it was decided that this should be based on that of the Shire Horse Society. 500 copies were printed and were sold to members for the princely sum of 3 shillings or 10 shillings to non- members. It contained 57 stallions and 316 mares and their produce. The first ever entry and No 1 in the book..


    The First Show

    In June 1885 the society held it’s first show at Ranelagh Polo Club, London, as well as classes for animals likely to breed Riding Ponies there were classes for brood mares owned by tenant farmers. Entry fees ranged from 2 shillings ( 12 1/2p) to 10 shillings ( 50p), with fantastic prize money of £20.00, £15.00 or £10.00 depending on the class. The following year saw a 2 day show at..


    The First M&M Classes

    In 1899 a major change took place when a separate section was introduced for Welsh Mountain and other native breeds of the Mountain and Moorland type. District committees were formed to establish standards and types and ponies were, in due course inspected for inclusion in the Stud Book…



    By 1900 the society had turned it’s attention to the accurate measuring of ponies, an issue that is still of concern today. After several years of controversy and discussion, an eight and a half page document was finally published in 1907 detailing the rules concerning the measurement of Polo ponies. Several anatomical details were included concerning measurement and neither the…


    Grants & Premiums

    In 1910 Lord Arthur Cecil began a train of events which culminated in the Society changing it’s name. The Board of Agriculture proposed that part of the Development Fund for Horse Breeding be used for the encouragement of pony stallions . Lord Arthur suggested that a grant be offered for Polo and Riding Pony stallions to be awarded at the Society’s Spring Show and that those for Mountain…


    A New Name

    As 1912 drew to a close, following a Council meeting, an Extraordinary General meeting was called at the Society’s office in Hanover Square London for the 30th July 1913, at that meeting the decision was taken to change the Society’s name to The National Pony Society…


    The BSPS

    As the popularity of showing British Riding Ponies increased, a new society was formed to administrate ridden pony classes. This was called the British Show Pony Society in association with The National Pony Society, and in 1954 was renamed just the British Show Pony Society (BSPS)…


    The Scottish Committee

    A first Scottish Committee was formed in 1960 when Commander Brown and Mr Driver came up from Headquarters to meet pony enthusiasts in Scotland. The new Committee encouraged shows to put on mixed M&M classes and more Riding Pony Breeding classes. A stallion parade was started at Kelso Spring sales to showcase a wide range of available stallions. In 2001 National Pony…